But sanctify the Lord God in your heart and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.

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Furthermore, in the end all that this type of experiment proves is that it takes intelligent design to accomplish this task.  Before any of this can even begin to be approached there must be meaningful concepts.  There must be planning.  There must be construction of equipment that can generate and also read the product.  There must be material from which to work.  But before construction of such equipment, there must be concepts and ideas, which require intelligence.

Nothing that Darwin, Dawkins, Dennett, or Anderson, or anyone else has done or written has ever been able to get around or over or under or through the concept of teleology, constant affirmations to that effect notwithstanding.  Although it is common for them to declare that the argument from design has been answered, yet they, themselves, constantly affirm design in their writings, only they want to attribute design to unintelligent nature.  For example, Dennett writes "There is simply no denying the breathtaking brilliance of the designs found in nature" (Dangerous Idea, 1995, p. 74).  From where does this design come?  According to Dennett, from a "mindless, mechanical, algorithmic process" known as "Mother Nature" (p. 74) or Design (e. g, "thanks to the Design that has organized it" - p. 70).  So the argument from design has not been answered after all.  Rather, it is so clear and undeniable, that it has been adopted and reassigned.  Now evolutionists argue that there is, indeed, design but it comes not from a Designer, the clearly intuitive and obviously logical source, but, going against the obvious, from an Undesigner, from Nothing. 

Well, time and chance may happen to us all but it does not and cannot create something from nothing.  I am confident that, if we are here then, a million years from now, and a million monkeys from now, it will still take intelligence to produce Shakespeare and it will still be obvious to an unbiased mind that Intelligence is the only explanation for the design we see in the universe.

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