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Paleontologists claim they have recently found the oldest monkey and ape fossils in the world in Tanzania. The first fossil, found in 2011, is said to represent a Nsungwepithecus, an Old World monkey, and its remains consist of one partial jawbone and one molar tooth. In 2012, Rukwapithecus was also discovered, consisting of a partial jawbone and four teeth. 

While it is claimed that these finds offer proof that the monkeys and apes had already diverged 25 million years ago, the articles note that "the fossils themselves are only fragments" (NBC News). Yet in a Science News article on the subject, New York anthropologist Terry Harrison isn't even sure that the fragments for Nsungwepithecus are not those of a pig or a peccary (Science News). More fossils are needed, he said, to tell whether it is even a primate. 

If the experts cannot even tell whether the fossils are pig or primate, how can they tell us they know it is proof of evolution?


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