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Paul said he was set for the defence of the Gospel (Phil. 1:17).  Jude said we must earnestly contend for the Faith (Jude 3).  We must be able to give an answer (an apologia) to every man that asks us for the reason of our faith (I Pet. 3:15).  That is the purpose of this web site.  There are many others who do it better, and who know much more than I do, but I also have a reponsibility to defend what I believe, as you have a responsibility to defend what you believe.  This web site will be my feeble attempt to do just this.

The Bible and the Lord's church are under sore and constant attack these days by the infidels.  The infidels attack the Lord's church and the Bible by attacking the creation account, by denying the historicity and the deity of Jesus of Nazareth, by promoting a materialistic worldview, and a host of other ways to numerous to list at this time.  Various doctrines set forth in the pages of Scripture are also being denied, or, at the very least, neglected.  Unfortunately, many Christians do not seem to care.  If this web site can provide Christians with answers to questions they may have, then it will have succeeded.

I use the word "infidel" intentionally.  I do not, in most cases, seek to question the character of this group, but they are unbelievers, and for the most part are a militant lot of unbelievers.  They actively seek the distortion of the truth and destruction of Chrisianity. As Christians, we must take up the whole armor of God and join the battle for the souls of men, we must stand in the gap and say with conviction, this shall not pass!

This site will deal with all matters that fall under the rubric of Christian apologetics.  It is my prayer that you will find it helpful.  Let me know what you think.

Eric L. Padgett




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